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Important information

  • a world of Giant Rock formations
  • geological park
  • private listed site
  • open to the public
  • 120 hectares

The Cité de Pierres is a geological park in Occitania, near to Millau in Aveyron, it is located inside the Grand Causses Regional Natural Park, not far from Lozère and the Cévennes.

This is a private listed site containing a series of exceptional rock formations, monumental natural sculptures, created by erosion and nestled into a mysterious setting.

The site covers 120 hectares of wooded and rocky landscapes with amazing panoramic views over the Causses and the neighbouring gorges.

The site was discovered in 1884 by Edouard Alfred Martel, the founding father of pot-holing. He decided to gave the name “Cité de Pierres” to this series of fantastic rock formations that make up alleyways, towers, bastions, arches, ramparts, labyrinths and fortresses.

 A world 
 of Giant Rock formations 

The site has been adapted for public access with the aim of preserving its heritage and ensuring that it can be visited by all.

The site offers its own very particular wildlife and history.

A picturesque place for discovery, getting back to nature and family or solo games (adults, children and seniors).