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Basic entry: Strolling around la Cité de Pierres

The advantages


  • free all-day access
  • family activities
  • 6 sign posted walking trails
  • giant rock formations
  • playground
  • relaxation area
  • picnic areas
  • free parking and rest rooms

The basic entry ticket provides free access to:

 The 6 walking trails through the Cité de Pierres in Aveyron

The walking trails in the Cité de Pierres are some of the most beautiful in Aveyron.

The interconnected paths, of differing difficulty ratings, thread their way through the rock formations and through the undergrowth, emerging onto panoramic outcrops, running along ridges or meandering through maze-like narrow passages.

They allow you to see different panoramic views, Giant Rock formations, rock shelters and sheepfolds.

Find out more about our walks and hiking trails

THE BELVÉDÈRE: The easiest way to get to the Cité de Pierres’ emblematic “Porte de Mycènes” gateway. Leaves from the site entrance (50 minute walk).

THE RAMPARTS: Steep ridge with panoramic views, access to the top of the “Douminal” at an altitude of 840 m, orientation table. Leaves from the site entrance (50 minute walk).

THE GIANTS: Easy-going pathway through the undergrowth amongst the most impressive giant rock formations. Leaves from the “Citerne” roundabout (30 minute walk).

THE MAGNIFICENT: Outcrop overlooking the deep gorges of the Dourbie, access to the “Le Magnifique” panoramic view. Leaves from the “Citerne” roundabout (30 minute walk).

THE ARBORETUM: Trail that passes amongst a variety of tree species. Departure from the “salle des fêtes” picnic area is easiest. (50 minute walk).

THE LABYRINTH: A maze of metre wide tracks with 50 metre high walls. Access from the Arboretum trail (30 minute walk).

To discover the surroundings:

  • Heritage information boards,
  • Orientation tables,
  • Easy to follow ground markings,
  • A map of the Cité, provided on entry,

available for all visitors.


Mini ‘rocks and trees’ via ferrata 

  • Special playground for children (4 years or older) under the watchful eye of their parents.
  • A large number of mini-via ferrata type activities (monkey bridge, suspended nets, footbridge, swing, tightrope with vines).
  • It is located in the “salle des festins”, 5 minutes from the site entrance, access via the “salle des fêtes” picnic area.

Relaxation area

  • There are a number of relaxation areas near to the walking trails: secluded spots where you can stop, rest and recharge your batteries. La Cité de Pierres is an exceptional site for getting back in touch with the light and air, the flora and rocks, the sound of silence and nature. Move around freely at your own pace without any time constraints or pressures.

 Individual prices  

Adult (+ 18 years) : €12,00

Children from 5 to 18 years : €6,00

See the opening hours

 Our visits 
 and activities 

Basic entry

An individual entrance ticket is necessary to visit the Cité de Pierres. Optional additional activities.

Guided visit on the miniature train

Adventure game

Guided via ferrata and zip-line tours

On-site services