Things to do in Aveyron – 10 top tips

by | Mar 8, 2024

Do you plan to spend your next family holidays in Aveyron? Discover the department’s must-see visits, all of which will make your holidays unforgettable.

1. Family visit in Aveyron: the Cité de Pierres visit trails

This imaginary citadel traced in the living rock is one of Aveyron’s most popular family visits, it was first mapped by Edouard-Alfred Martel when he explored it in 1888. The many names he gave the rock formations are still used today: Porte de Mycènes, Arc de Triomphe, Cathédrale, etc.

You can now come and explore the whole site as a family and enjoy the many diverse activities on offer in this natural citadel. Hikers will especially like the many hiking trails that cross the site, taking in splendid panoramic views over the Dourbie gorge. You can learn all about the region from the information signs you will cross on the way.

There are two via ferrata for the more sporting families. In the company of a qualified instructor you can discover the Causse Noir from the very rocks themselves, and see the site from above as you ride the many zip-lines. The two via ferrata routes with different difficulty levels opens up the activity to everyone, from the very experienced to first-timers.

The site also proposes an Explor’Games® activity, an adventure game and a miniature train.

The Aven Armand caverns at the gates of the Aveyron propose a combined ticket with the Cité de Pierres, another ideal family visit in the Cevennes, an opportunity to explore the depths of the earth and follow the tracks of Martel and his discoveries in the region.

2. Family Visit in Aveyron: Micropolis, the city of insects

Discover Micropolis, located in a small Aveyron village perched on the heights of the Lévézou plateau. This city of insects will enchant young and old alike.

As you visit the different rooms you will become acquainted with this miniature world as you observe its hundreds of species, each one more surprising than the last. Enjoy learning about these little creatures: how carnivorous plants and all sorts of insects reproduce, a virtual world in which you will encounter fantastic creatures or sensory games through which children can discover this miniature world from close-up, the city has something for everyone!

3. Family Visit in Aveyron: rail bikes on the Larzac plateau

The Larzac RailBike is the ideal way to peacefully enjoy the landscapes of the Larzac, it is located near to the village of Sainte-Eulalie and proposes routes suited to all-comers, whether you are looking for a sporting experience or just a nice day out.

The routes pass through numerous tunnels and vertiginous viaducts in the midst of Aveyron’s natural surroundings. Discover the whole of the Cernon valley in a way the whole family will love.

4. Enter the history of the La Couvertoirade Templar citadel

If you are looking for something to do as a family in Aveyron, look no further than discovering this small medieval village perched in the heart of the Larzac plateau. Wonder through the citadel’s narrow streets and admire its church, oven and Larzac’s largest dew ponds (lavogne). But the most emblematic monument you will see on your visit will be the Templar château, a unique site in France.

Why not spend some time visiting the village’s boutiques and discussing with the local craft workers? Potter, cutler, baker – they will all be most welcoming.

There are a number of ways to visit the citadel depending on what you are looking for, visit on your own and as you wish or enjoy a guided visit.

5. Family Visit in Aveyron: navigating the Tarn Raspes

Less well known than the Tarn Gorges, the Tarn Raspes are still a splendid natural site in the South of Aveyron, with pretty waterfalls and streams that make it an ideal habitat for wildlife, and where picturesque stonewall villages overlook the Tarn river from the high perches.

Keen hikers will enjoy visiting the region but the best way to enjoy the landscape is indubitably as a family from the water. You can set off along the Tarn from a number of the valley’s villages, either with canoes for the more adventurous or by boat for a guided cruise that will reveal all of the valley’s secrets.

6. Family Visit in Aveyron: visit the famous Roquefort caverns

The village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon perched in the Larzac foothills is the home of that world-famous cheese. Your visit will take you into depths of its caverns to discover the story of the Roquefort producers and how this famous cheese is made and aged in the villages natural cellars.

First of all you will discover the ”fleurines”, naturally formed cracks which ventilate the caverns, then you will learn about the Lacaune ewes that produce the milk which is transformed into Roquefort. Finally you will visit the caverns in which the Roquefort is aged, and finish your visit with a chance to taste it.

To take things a little further, some milk producers propose visits to their farms where you can meet the farmers and the Lacaune ewes.

7. Family Visit in Aveyron: the Bozouls canyon

The Bozouls Hole is a geological curiosity, it is a natural-formed cirque in the North of Aveyron, a kind of horse-shoe shaped canyon slowly gouged out of the land by water. No family holiday in Aveyron would be complete without a visit to this site which can be experienced on foot, bike, miniature train, orienteering or zip-lines running over the top of the canyon.

8. Family Visit in Aveyron: meet the knights in shining armour of the Peyrelade Château

The medieval château of Peyrelade was built on a rocky outcrop, it has a rich history with much to tell of the Hundred Year War and the Reformation. These days it is in ruins and has been an on-going restoration project since the end of the 70s. A family visit to this typical Aveyron château will be a chance to learn more about the restoration work and climb to the top of the keep to get to the rock formation that dominates the site from where you can appreciate a spectacular panoramic view over the valley.

Twice a week in summer, you can see combat demonstrations, medieval craft and currency minting workshops. Every Thursday children can enjoy dedicated activities including make-up for the younger or introductions to archery for the older.

9. Family Visit in Aveyron: the Millau Viaduct

This is doubtless the most famous family visit in the Aveyron, the Millau Viaduct overlooks the Tarn Valley and fits perfectly into its surrounding landscape. It was opened to the public in 2004, and was the “world’s highest bridge” for a long time. The viaduct looks like some kind of ethereal sailboat descending from the clouds and is impressively and vertiginously large.

When you reach the viaduct information centre you can learn about this architectural giant in the 200m² museum space and access a number of viewing points on the viaduct itself. If you want to get closer to the viaduct you can take a 50 minute guided visit along the “explorers path”.

Another original way to visit that we recommend is to pass under the bridge by boat with the viaduct boatmen. This 9km excursion from Creissels to Peyre will guarantee unique views of the viaduct, whilst providing a fine opportunity to discover the local fauna and flora with your guide.

10. Family Visit in Aveyron: Soulages Museum

The Soulages Museum bears the name of the painter Pierre Soulages who was born in the city of Rodez, Aveyron; it was created in the early 2000s after a large donation from the artist. This site is now totally given over to the contemporary artwork of Soulages and a number of other artists. It is home to a lot of Soulages’ very varied and impressive work.

The museum proposes a special family visit suitable for children with an interactive educational approach that will allow them to understand and absorb the artist’s work.

So what activities will you choose for your family holiday in Aveyron?

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